Talkin' bout my
The rock & roll music of the era
was coming into its own in the
50's with such greats as Elvis, Bill
Haley & The Comets, The
Platters, Buddy Holly, & Jerry
Lee Lewis to name a few. In the
early 60's The Beatles, Rolling
Stones, Beach Boys & Bob Seger
added their influences on the
music. And who can forget the
soulful influence of the Motown
Sound?  The soul moving, foot
tapping, solid rhythmic beat of
the music would make you get up
and dance, or turn the volume up
on the radio.  That good old solid
classic rock & roll.  
The Band Members
(from left to right)

Frank Barron - sax & vocals
John Webb - guitar & vocals
Byron Cook - drums & backgorund
Joey Ramon - bass & vocals
Joe Gillis - keyboards & vocals
Spearheaded by John Webb, LEGEND The Band got its start in the mid 90's
playing to live audiences throughout southern Michigan.  (And has since been
performing throughout the mid-west & Canada!) "There are a lot of people out
there who grew up in the 50's & 60's. There was such tremendous talent to be
heard - the soulful sounds, the moving rhythmic beat and fantastic harmonies of
the Doo-wop groups & The Motown Sound - they used their voices like musical
instruments.  Nobody has caught up with them, no one has surpassed them.  The
music of the time permeated the country and influenced generations."
The acoustic guitar that John's Dad gave him was a far cry from the
one John had built for himself at the age of 12 out of plywood and
spare parts he could find.  As a teen, he would go down to the
Goodfelllow's Hall in his hometown of Flat Rock to catch the live
bands that played at the sock hops.

He was aware at an early age of the ranges in musical sounds and
was in awe of anyone who could perform this music on stage.  These
bands left a lasting impression on John because they could make
people get up and dance!  His biggest musical influences growing up
were Elvis, Bill Haley & The Comets, The Platters
("Can't listen to
them and not feel good.")
and then the Beatles, Rolling Stones &
Bob Seeger in the 60's.   Over the years, John learned how to strum
a few chords and would sing for his own personal entertainment (or
to anybody else who would give him a listen.)  

It was much later when he decided to take it up seriously.  John was
40 yrs old and listening to a band at a country club on Grosse Ile.  He
hit it off with one of the band members, Herb Bluhm and after
returning from break, Herb handed John a guitar and had him sit in
with the band.  He learned to sing and play guitar "live" on stage and
"Immediately hooked on playing to a live audience." After
additional experience playing with Herb Bluhm & then under the
training of Byron Cook of 'Diamonds in The Rough' John put together
a group of professional musicians together to form
who are committed to performing the good old fashioned rock
& roll of the 50's & 60's.  
"There is no greater natural high than
the emotional connection between the audience and the band
on stage.  I'm addicted to it."
John Webb
"I wanted to be Elvis as a
kid.  He was the coolest of
the coolest!"